High frequency magnetotherapy improves the quality of life of patients with FIBROMYALGIA, generating a sedative and analgesic effect on the nervous system.
The formation of myelin is stimulated, which covers the axons of neurons, thus favoring the connection between them.
We also stimulate the creation of serotonin and the immune system is activated.
With this, a natural sedative is achieved for the body (endorphin and stamina), as well as the segregation of prostaglandins (natural anti-inflammatory generated by the body to deflate fibrous tissue).
We recover cell permeability, achieving an increase in the formation of hormones necessary for neuronal balance.
A very high sedative level is achieved that stimulates sleep and the patient manages to sleep normally.
This accessory can work as a peripheral of the MC400 console for professional use or with a wireless interface designed to carry out home treatments, indicated by the therapist.