It is a new concept in aesthetic rehabilitation, which has the ability to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time and with an excellent value for money. The SIR II system allows treatments to be carried out in the most personalized way possible and in the framework of the intimacy of our home, obtaining multiple advantages with respect to traditional systems. With the SIR II system, the patient can solve most of the aesthetic pathologies that most affect women and men these days: 1. CELLULITE 2. FLACCIDITY 3. LOCALIZED REDUCTION 4. TREATMENT OF STRETCH MARKS 5, SKIN ELASTICITY 6, ULTRALYPOLYSIS 7. SKIN HYDRATION 8. BODY LIFT 9. LIPOSCULPTURE 10. REDUCTION OF INFLAMMATIONS The advantages of this system are ; Treatment one or more times a day, compared to twice a week with the traditional method in an aesthetic center, saving time and money by not having to leave your home, better results in less time, etc.